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Nadeem Mian hold a Mental Health Counselor – Agency Affiliated Registration with the Washington State Department of Health. He earned MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from the Virgin Milagrosa University Foundation, Philippines in 2001. He has been providing counseling under the direct supervision of Dr. Max Hines, PhD, a Licensed Psychologist for the past four years.


He apply cognitive-behavioral, emotional-focused, and solution-focused principles to help his clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and behavioral issues. Depending on presenting problem, he may also utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques to identifying and changing cognitive distortions as well as behavioral skills building exercises.

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Aliya Zafer, Counselor, Ph.D., MA, AAC, has counseling experience of more than 6 years working with adults and adolescents 15 and over. Aliya is an active listener, and her goal is to listen to the clients and help them to deal with their issues. Aliya feels her specialty is to help people with complex medical issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, diabetes, and other medical issues.


Based on the fact that not only she is currently enrolled in Mental Health Counseling at Northwest but also has a Masters degree in Neuropharmacology, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, and M.D. from Saba University. To go through the therapeutic journey with Aliya, you will find that Aliya is easy to approach and easy to talk to, and willing to listen.


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Loan Nguyen, PA graduates from the University of Washington, School of medicine, MEDEX NW Physician Assistant Training Program with a Master Degree in Clinical Health Services. She has a background is in Neurosciences Brain Research prior to her professional training in medicine. 


She practices evidence based medicine, with compassion, in providing psychiatric care to people of all age groups (From age 9 and up.) 

She submits to the team-based approach in working with other mental health professionals in serving patients from a culturally diverse populations in the Puget Sound Area, including the urban under-served population.

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