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Therapy Session


A full spectrum of care in therapy and counseling. PSPC is a full-service psychiatric treatment center for adults, children, adolescents, couples and families. In addition to individual, couples, family, and chemical dependency therapy, we provide outpatient group psychotherapy, topic-specific psycho-educational groups and mindfulness training.


Our team of psychotherapists has an extensive experience working on a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, abuse and trauma, bereavement, life transitions, attachment, parenting, divorce, co-parenting, blending families and much more. Through our experience as a specialty clinic and training center we have found that the best care is collaborative care. Our unique therapeutic program reflects this philosophy by utilizing the team approach.


The care we provide is planned and provided by an interdisciplinary team, which includes the psychiatrists, RNs, PAs, chemical dependency specialist, family therapist, child psychotherapists, psychologists and neuropsychologist. Our goal is to provide, structure, and maintain a therapeutic environment in collaboration with the individual and the health care providers; to provide opportunities to acquire adaptive coping skills, to assist the individual to achieve more satisfying and productive patterns of living, and to understand and utilize one’s self fully.

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